Feedback from the Judge

Be aware that the judges are often very picky as to what denotes a correct solution. It is very important to interpret the problem specifications properly and not make assumptions.

The judge is likely to return one of the following verdicts:

  • Accepted (AC) - Congratulations!
  • Presentation Error (PE) - Check for spaces, left/right justification, line feeds, etc.
  • Accepted (PE) - Your program has a minor presentation error, but the judge is letting you off with a warning. Stop here and declare victory!
  • Wrong Answer (WA) - Your program returned an incorrect answer to one or more secret test cases.
  • Compile Error (CE) - The compiler could not figure out how to compile your program. The resulting compiler messages will be returned to you. Warning messages are ignored by the judge.
  • Runtime Error (RE) - Your program failed during execution due to a segmentation fault, floating point exception, or similar problem. Its dying message will be sent back to you. Check for invalid pointer references or division by zero.
  • Submission Error (SE) - You did not correctly specify one or more of the information fields, perhaps giving an incorrect user ID or problem number.
  • Time Limit Exceeded (TL) - Your program took too much time on at least one of the test cases, so you likely have a problem with efficiency.
  • Memory Limit Exceeded (ML) - Your program tried to use more memory than the judge's default settings.
  • Output Limit Exceeded (OL) - Your program tried to print too much output, perhaps trapped in a infinite loop.
  • Restricted Function (RF) - Your source program tried to use an illegal system function such as fork() or fopen(). Behave yourself.
by RyuiSaka 2007. 8. 23. 16:48
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